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Masque Milano – Acte II-IV – Kintsugi Eau de Parfum 35 ml

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Product Description

Mask Milano – Act II-IV – Kintsugi
Kintsugi is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with precious metals. To be strong. Repair broken links with gold. Spring finally arrived. Fresh air transmits energy and relieves humanity of the lethargy of winter. Under the magnolia, the potter repairs a broken vase according to an ancient technique. Kintsukuroi – gold repair. The garden is peaceful, the nauseating birds do not disturb the craft, they are part of the decor. The master did not want to lose the old vase. He said it was useful. Broken, not bent, but not desperately lost. On the wall, next to the rose bush, an old carved stone slab says: “Love singles. Cherish the old man. Do not hide your scars, show them with pride.

Kintsugi performed by Vanina Muracciole
A masterpiece of yesteryear, almost forgotten, is still alive. Cyprus, rediscovered, the golden heart beating wildly. The oak moss is replaced by a salty and salty amber accord, producing a shimmering gloss reminiscent of unglazed porcelain. The crispy magnolia blossom gives way to the gently sensual heart of the composition. At the heart, an accord in golden suede – a soft leather with a touch soft, feminine and sensual – is married with a rose centifolia (pink country Grasse) and purple leaves. The set is held together by Patchouli Coeur’s powerful glue – the secret recipe of the perfumer / potter to keep together the pieces of an old broken classic. The Heart Patchouli is obtained by fractional distillation, where the most camphor-like and moldy aspects are cut, and where the main character of the raw material is magnified in its purest and sweetest form. refined elegance. Patchouli Heart, we can think of a Thoroughbred Patchouli. It is lacquer mixed with gold that Vanina paid to give a new life to Cyprus.

Fragrance notes:
Top note: bergamot, magnolia, ambergris
Heart note: suede, May rose, violet leaves
Base note: Benzoin, raspberry leaves, patchouli, vanilla

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