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Frederic Malle Music for a While Eau de parfum 30ml

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Over the years and tests, Carlos Benaïm and Frédéric Malle have developed a great professional intimacy. Carlos Benaïm, who is celebrating his 50th birthday at IFF this week, sees his collaboration with Frédéric Malle as a way to enrich his fabulous legacy. After Eau de Magnolia, Music for a While is the last fruit of their association: an oriental scent, a lavender, enriched with patchouli, amber and vanilla. Very little musk, because each ingredient is so precisely dosed that it is not necessary to round the angles artificially. An almost classic structure, if it were a succession of overdoses, Patchouli, Lavender, Ethyl Maltol, and if Carlos Benaïm had chosen to tint a smell of Pineapple, as unexpected as magnetic. Those in love with Helmut Newton’s work will surely be familiar with this scent driven to the crime of super luxury.

The paradoxical nature of Music for a While, its ambivalent, elegant and provocative olfactory aesthetic and its name open to so many interpretations: Music for a While, because this fragrance is not limited to the sum of its ingredients and that it raises us like a chorus that we keep in ourselves forever. Music for a While, a sweet, but madly addictive, drug composed chronologically, like a piece of music, that carries the wearer and multiplies its seductive power. Music for a While, a classic perfume like Henry Purcell’s music, whose name it borrows, but deeply contemporary, like the compositions of its author, Carlos Benaïm.

An unexpected interpretation of lavender: paradoxical, magnetic and sensual.
Lavender as keystone: a departure of citrus, stowed with lavender by the fresh notes that are in the latter, gives the fragrance its flight. Lavender then gradually mixes with the sweetness of patchouli, amber and vanilla. Finally, a touch of pineapple brings its color to this torrent of sensuality.
Accurate and powerful, this perfume gives the wearer a power of timeless seduction, almost bewitching. Vibrating and more throbbing, he will accompany you for long hours.
Like a piece of music, it raises you, transports you from moment to moment.
Like a piece of music, it makes you live at its own pace, composed of two movements: a fresh start and an addictive and sensual heart.

Top notes: lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot Heart notes: lavender, traces of rose and jasmine, cinnamon, pineapple
Base notes: patchouli, labdanum, vanilla

Oriental Fresh Citrus Amber Bergamot Labdanum Cinnamon Lemon Jasmine Lavender Magnolia Mandarin Orange Musk Patchouli Rose Tea Vanilla

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